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Almost two years of being a ‘dog-ma’, in every possible way a kaleidoscope of emotions, thrills, hopes and dreams. She has taken me to the moon and back - several times - and continues to do so in her magical way every day.

Jimmy walked into my life with her four little salt and pepper paws a year earlier. I believe she was God sent. Maybe my Guardian Angels realized the trough I was facing in life then and to bolster me out of my own crevice and had sent this furball my way.

On Dog Duty

On Dog Duty

We picked dogs up and  brought them into our home
They were also born to be free and to roam  
But they had very little choice
Because they do not have a voice

They are always so loving loyal and good 
And deserve much more than water, warmth and food
Give them something to play with and  enjoy
A dog friend,  and maybe  a toy they  can destroy

The Making of a Therapy Dog: the Story of Phulki

Therapy dog india Lana Paws

Phulki came to us in the spring of 2016 just as Delhi was transitioning from winter into summer.  Our first glimpse of her was a little puppy, honey coat gleaming in the brilliant sunlight of the spring, oblivious to her surroundings, fast asleep curled under a bench in a narrow lane next to a dhaba in Delhi’s bustling Shantiniketan locality.