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Top Ten Winter Care Tips For Dogs

Top Ten Winter Care Tips For Dogs

Winter is here and so is the time to take some extra care of your canine friend. Well, keeping the unpredictable weather changes in mind, you have to take a few preventive measures to ensure your pet feels warm outside and stays in good health throughout the winter. 

In fact, depending on the breed, age and health condition, your dog may require some special attention on its skin coat, diet, physical, and mental stimulations during winter. In this blog, we cover tips and best practices dog parents can follow to provide the best care for their fur buddies as the temperatures begin to drop throughout the country.

by Lana Paws on November 15, 2022
do dogs need winter clothes?

Do dogs need winter clothes?

With the ever-growing trend of dog fashion all around the world, it's hard to not consider clothing your dog in cute outfits. Some dogs love wearing clothes & accessories (e.g. dog bowties and bandana/scarf) and seem to be totally comfortable, while some resist putting anything on their bodies. It's important to respect your dog's choice and to not force them into wearing pet apparels if they are not into it!

But what about the colder months of the year? 

by Lana Paws on November 02, 2022
Advantages and disadvantages of spaying and neutering your dog

Advantages and disadvantages of spaying and neutering your dog

Many pet parents grapple with the decision of whether or not to get their fur-baby neutered/spayed. There are all kinds of theories associated with getting your dog/cat ‘fixed,’ which makes it even harder for a pet parent to make an informed decision.

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers about spaying or neutering dogs (can be applied to cats too).

by Lana Paws on November 02, 2022
Tips to find a lost/missing dog in India

How to find a lost/missing dog in India

A missing pet can bring up feelings similar to those of loss, grief, worry, anxiety, and despair. While these feelings are natural to feel, the earlier you can separate your emotions from your logical mind, the higher the chances of your pet being found. Channeling that energy can be overwhelming, to say the least, but please remember that this is the time when your pet needs you the most. Giving into sadness or anxiety will hinder your thought process required to take the right action. It's crucial to start a structured search for your dog as soon as possible. 

There are mainly there kinds of actions you can take,

by Lana Paws on October 21, 2022
Which Dog Breed Is Right For Small Apartments And Flats

Which Dog Breed Is Right For Small Apartments And Flats

A dog’s love is unconditional, and so should our care for them. Providing for a dog is a task to be taken on only after proper research. To know which dog you can care for best, get to know your surroundings well. Living in a country like India, where urban accommodations are not as spacious as some dogs would prefer, it is important to choose a dog who is easily adjusting and accommodates well to small spaces. 
by Lana Paws on October 17, 2022
Tips To Keep Pets Safe, Calm & Involved During The Festive & Holiday Season

Tips to keep pets safe & stress-free during Diwali, Christmas & Festive Season

Enthusiasm and holiday spirit are at an all-time high as the festive season approaches. Every year during this time, families get together to rejoice.

Why exclude your pet from this celebration?

We're all unsure of the best approach to make the holiday season memorable for our furry pals while still involving them in all the fun. With all the noises, unfamiliar faces, and strange smells, festival seasons can be a little frightening for your pet. However, it might not be the best choice to exclude your pet from the festivities. The months that follow bring in multiple festivals right from Diwali, Christmas to New Year's. This is how you and your pet can make the most of it!

by Lana Paws on October 04, 2022



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