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Top Ten Winter Care Tips For Dogs

Top Ten Winter Care Tips For Dogs

Winter is here and so is the time to take some extra care of your canine friend. Well, keeping the unpredictable weather changes in mind, you have to take a few preventive measures to ensure your pet feels warm outside and stays in good health throughout the winter. 

In fact, depending on the breed, age and health condition, your dog may require some special attention on its skin coat, diet, physical, and mental stimulations during winter. In this blog, we cover tips and best practices dog parents can follow to provide the best care for their fur buddies as the temperatures begin to drop throughout the country.

by Lana Paws on November 22, 2023
Monsoon care tips for dogs

Monsoon care tips for dogs

Pitter Patter as the rain comes down, we move from the gentle summer breeze to the stormy monsoon nights. As we step into the monsoon season, taking care of our furry friends is of utmost importance. A question that crosses the minds of all pet parents is 'how can I take care of my dog and provide him/her with that extra care during the rainy season?'. The monsoons can be a breath of fresh air from the hot summers and can be rejoiced by pets. Simple home remedies and simple tricks can help your pet have a safe and enjoyable monsoon.
by Lana Paws on May 30, 2023
Advantages of using braces and walking aids for dogs

Advantages of using braces and walking aids for dogs

As our furry friends age, they can experience joint pain and mobility issues that can greatly impact their quality of life. While there are many ways to help alleviate these issues, one effective solution is the use of braces for dogs.

Braces can provide additional support to joints and can help dogs move more comfortably, even as they age or develop certain joint conditions.

Let's explore the benefits of braces for carpal joints, hock joints, and knee joints for dogs.

by Lana Paws on May 05, 2023
celebrating holi festivals with pets

Why should humans have all the fun - A guide to celebrating Holi with Dogs!

Holi is right around the corner, and most of us await the festival of joy and colour with glee. Faces will again be awash in every imaginable hue and the streets will be full of the kind of vibrancy that only Holi can bring. People come together and exchange the usual, decadent Holi delicacies with cheer.

It's no wonder then that many of us also want to include our pooches in the festivities. Our furballs of love are such an important part of our world and we love celebrating anything and everything with them!

However, in the heady exuberance of Holi, it's important we still remember the fact that the things that are safe for us may not always be safe for our animal companions.

by Lana Paws on February 28, 2023
Is Intermittent Fasting For Dogs A Good Idea?

Understanding Intermittent Fasting For Dogs

Just like for humans, Intermittent fasting aka Time-Restricted Eating for dogs is a feeding strategy in which dogs are fed their daily food in a restricted time period, followed by a longer period of fasting.

The goal of intermittent fasting for dogs is to mimic the natural eating patterns of wild dogs and wolves, who typically hunt and eat in a feast-or-famine pattern.
In the wild, animals do not follow a regular eating schedule like our pet dogs. Instead, they adopt a feast-or-famine pattern based on the availability of their prey. They also have an innate sense of when to stop eating and focus on resting to eliminate toxins and promote self-healing.

by Lana Paws on February 20, 2023
Top Foods for Supporting Joint Health in Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide

Top Foods for Supporting Joint Health in Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide

Joint health is one of the important aspects of health that pet parents must pay attention to, especially if they have dogs who are more prone to joint conditions and senior dogs, though dogs of all ages and breeds could fall prey to these conditions based on their genetics, nutrition and overall health. 
by Lana Paws on February 02, 2023



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