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How much should I feed my dog?

Lana Paws blog on how much should i feed my dog

How much you feed your dog would normally depend on multiple factors such as, if you are feeding your dog dry food like pedigree? In which case it is calorie-dense food as it is dehydrated and the quantity to be fed will be much lower as it is devoid of moisture. Canned food is wet and has an appropriate amount of moisture in it and the quantity will be considerably more than dry food. And with Freshly cooked or Raw diets, the quantity is based on your dog's current body condition score, age and current body weight. 

This is a frequently asked question and perhaps correctly so. There aren't any clear answers available anywhere that helps you determine how much to feed your dog depending on the type of food you are feeding. Let's look at all of them one by one and learn how to calculate the quantity of food and how to make adjustments.

What You Need to Know About Your Pet and COVID-19

Lana Paws blog on what you need to know about your pet and coronavirus

With Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 being dubbed a global pandemic by the WHO, there has been panic and misinformation all around. Pet parents have been wondering if their dogs and cats can be infected with (and transmit) COVID-19. 

According to the WHO, "there is no evidence that pet dogs and cats have infected humans with COVID-19." While a dog in Hong Kong did show a weak positive, the disease did not cause the dog to fall ill, nor is there any evidence that the dog spread the virus. 
COVID-19 spreads primarily through respiratory droplets. This could either be directly from an infected person coughing or sneezing or from touching surfaces which may have respiratory droplets.

Eight fun ways to celebrate your dog's birthday!

fun ways to celebrate your dog's birthday
As every pet parent would know, dogs are the heart and soul of every family – there’s no doubt about this. As with every member of the family, we must celebrate our most beloved member’s birthday too! While there’s no need to go overboard, there’s also every reason to indulge your doggo just a little bit more on her special day. (be it birthday or adoptaversary!) We’ve thought of some cute little ways to make sure your dog has the BEST birthday in this blog post.

A complete guide to superfoods for dogs - Part 1

A complete guide to superfoods for dogs

It may come as a surprise to you, but the word “Superfoodis not an official term for any kind of food. It's a marketing term coined to express the idea that some foods are more superior in nature than others. All foods offer nutrition and benefits to the body. However, the reason behind the term “super”  is that these particular foods are deemed to have extraordinary nutrient density. This means that these foods will offer more nutrients packed gram to gram compared with other foods.

Foods that offer maximum health impact in the minimum amount of calories or quantity required naturally tend to be a bang for your buck, so to speak! You share a lot of the superfoods with your dog, that could be included in the diet on a regular basis that are nutritionally dense and pack in health benefits immediately and in the long run. These foods help you fight disease, build immunity and provide good energy. Like you, your dog has a daily requirement of a variety of nutrients for the complex job of keeping their body functioning at a healthy optimal level. 

Introducing your husband/ partner to your dog

Introducing your husband/ partner to your dog

Valentine’s Day has officially gone to the dogs this year. After all, how can we have V-day celebrations without our true loves? And apparently, we’re not alone in thinking this way either! Lana Paws caught up with three fabulous ladies and their even more fabulous doggos. These three have given a new meaning to the term “mixed family”. At a time when people abandon their pets left, right and centre, these 3 didn’t use their marriage or partner as an excuse to let go of their fur baby. They also have some pretty great partners to raise their floofballs with.

To celebrate the Day of Love, we feature their stories – from Gauri G who is a mum to Shifu and Scrappy, Shreya who is Blackie’s momma and Vidha, proud mum of Aladdin & Lily! These ladies tell us all about how they made it work with their doggos and partners, and how they forged life together as a newly mixed-species family. Let’s see how Buddy and Bae got along in these modern-day furrytales! 

Did you know about these indigenous dog breeds of India?

Did you know about these indigenous dog breeds of India?

For all of us, Republic Day is a cause to celebrate our country. Indeed, a day of pride, we rejoice in the freedom and glory of our nation. Here at Lana Paws, we thought we’d transition this feeling of pride into the world of dogs - what better day than today to talk about our very own Indian, purebred dogs (a few of which are even deployed in the Indian Army at the borders, and inducted into the police forces!).

Let’s begin by busting some myths. When we see the term “Indian dog”, many of us think about the dogs on our streets. While that’s not entirely wrong, stray (or community) dogs are mixed breeds. There are numerous Indian purebred dogs that have either already gone extinct or are fast in the process.

That Moment of Magic - Heartwarming stories of pets and their parents

Heartwarming stories of pets and their parents

Whether or not we believe in destiny, sometimes some things are just meant to be. One of those things is the precious, irreplaceable love between a dog and her human parent.

When was that special moment you just knew that your dog was meant to be yours? Was it the first, magical gaze into one another’s eyes, a tender pupper boop on your unsuspecting leg or an unexpected middle-of-the-night cuddle (you know, when you’d decided that there have to be boundaries and the doggo can’t get on the bed with you, but he finds a way into your bed anyway and breaks down all your resolve)?

A Merry Christmas with Alicia Souza!

Lana Paws alicia souza interview
High on Christmas spirit, we caught up with our favourite illustrator, the one and only Alicia Souza, for a chat about her art, her animals (adopted indie dog Charles-Brown and adopted guinea pig Henry-Oats) and her life! Take a peek at our conversation as Alicia tells us about how her beautiful animals inspire her work and life.

Happy Howlidays! Best dog movies to enjoy this season

Best dog movies to enjoy this season

It’s the best time of year again! Now that we’re in the middle of December, we hope you’re officially in the howliday spirit. In case you aren’t yet, we’ve thought of the purrfect plan. All you need for this is a comfy couch, a warm blanket, a steaming hot cup of cocoa/chai and yup, you guessed it, the goodest boi or girl in your house – the apple of your eye – your doggo, of course!

We’ve curated a list of the BEST dog movies ever. Some are holiday movies, and some are classics, so there’s something for everyone. Go get everything ready, pick one of these movies (or binge on all of them), curl up with your fur baby and unwind from your ruff week. Let’s begin!

Dog Training 101: Teach Your Pooch Pal The Right Things In The Right Way

Lana Paws dog training india blog

Dog training is both an art and a science. Ideally, every dog should be trained with the basics – from learning to walk on the leash to being comfortable with strangers and house guests.

In this article, Mr. Pritpal Singh, who has been a dog trainer for almost 48 years, joins us for a chat. Not only does he talk about some of his own experiences, he gives us some tips regarding training, his thoughts on the positive vs. negative reinforcement debate, busts some myths which have been around far too long and provides an insightful glimpse at how the times have changed.

What to feed your dog in Winters?

What to feed your dog in Winters?
There's been a recent drop in the temperature - a slight nip in the air here, a chilly gust of wind there. Winter is here and it's here to stay. So does the change in the weather mean a change in the way you feed your dog too? We spoke to Manssi SK Saha, canine nutritionist extraordinaire and founder of Bangalore-based Doggiliciouus, and she breaks it all down for us.

A Guide to Celebrating a Happy, Healthy & Safe Diwali with Pets

A Guide to Celebrating a Happy, Healthy & Safe Diwali with Pets

Did you know a dog’s hearing ability is almost seven times that of a human? That would be like your younger brother shouting into your ear with a microphone outside the engine of an aircraft.  Now imagine your dog’s plight during Diwali when loud firecrackers would go off constantly and without warning. Not surprisingly, this is the time when most pets (dogs and cats, in this case) go missing trying to seek a hideout to get away from the loud sounds and people.

This sparkling festival of lights and happiness can easily turn into a time of tremendous stress and horror for our four-legged children. Alleviating their suffering at this time of the year should be one of your key priorities as a pet parent. Here are some tips to help you to be more mindful and careful about your pet’s needs during this difficult period for them.