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When Furry Met Hubby!

When Furry Met Hubby!

Valentine’s Day has officially gone to the dogs this year. After all, how can we have V-day celebrations without our true loves? And apparently, we’re not alone in thinking this way either! Lana Paws caught up with three fabulous ladies and their even more fabulous doggos. These three have given a new meaning to the term “mixed family”. At a time when people abandon their pets left, right and centre, these 3 didn’t use their marriage or partner as an excuse to let go of their fur baby. They also have some pretty great partners to raise their floofballs with.

To celebrate the Day of Love, we feature their stories – from Gauri G who is a mum to Shifu and Scrappy, Shreya who is Blackie’s momma and Vidha, proud mum of Aladdin & Lily! These ladies tell us all about how they made it work with their doggos and partners, and how they forged life together as a newly mixed-species family. Let’s see how Buddy and Bae got along in these modern-day furrytales! 

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Patriotic Paws on the Brink!

For all of us, Republic Day is a cause to celebrate our country. Indeed, a day of pride, we rejoice in the freedom and glory of our nation. Here at Lana Paws, we thought we’d transition this feeling of pride into the world of dogs - what better day than today to talk about our very own Indian, purebred dogs (a few of which are even deployed in the Indian Army at the borders, and inducted into the police forces!).

Let’s begin by busting some myths. When we see the term “Indian dog”, many of us think about the dogs on our streets. While that’s not entirely wrong, stray (or community) dogs are mixed breeds. There are numerous Indian purebred dogs that have either already gone extinct or are fast in the process.

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That Moment of Magic

Whether or not we believe in destiny, sometimes some things are just meant to be. One of those things is the precious, irreplaceable love between a dog and her human parent.

When was that special moment you just knew that your dog was meant to be yours? Was it the first, magical gaze into one another’s eyes, a tender pupper boop on your unsuspecting leg or an unexpected middle-of-the-night cuddle (you know, when you’d decided that there have to be boundaries and the doggo can’t get on the bed with you, but he finds a way into your bed anyway and breaks down all your resolve)?