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Dogs love routine and for most urban and semi urban home dogs their walk is their favourite time of the...

by Vidha Shukla on June 16, 2022

Do you absolutely dread cutting or trimming your dog’s nails for hurting or upsetting them? You’re not alone! Most dog...

by Lana Paws on June 04, 2022

As every pet parent would know, dogs are the heart and soul of every family – there’s no doubt about...

by Lana Paws on May 19, 2022

About Lana Paws

Lana Paws is a lifestyle pet accessories brand that celebrates the joys of responsible, informed and involved pet parenting. We are a homegrown company designing and manufacturing all our products locally i.e. Made in India.

Lana Paws dog accessories are functional, comfortable and trendiest in the whole market. We choose vibrant colours and stylish designs to make the best quality accessories for your furry best friends. Our collections range from statement dog accessories, dog bow ties and dog bandanas to fit any occasion or mood, dog clothes, winter dog jackets, strong and functional walking gears such as dog collar belts, martingale collars for dogs, dog harnesses and leashes for dogs, among others.

At Lana Paws, we also offer personalized pet dog accessories which make for thoughtful dog birthday gifts or if you just want to spoil your dog a little extra for no reason (do we ever need any!).

At Lana Paws, we are 100% dedicated to serving dogs (yes we truly can't get enough of puppy love). We spend (at least) 5% of our monthly profits to animal welfare causes, which include street dog feeding, rescuing and sterilizing. As part of our daily feeding initiative, we have served over 11,000 nutritious and fresh meals to street dogs, as of February 2022.

Over the years, we have grown slowly and steadily expanding our portfolio offering both fashionable and functional products for dogs. At each step, we have taken our time to understand our customers and their requirements even better. At Lana Paws, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning with fellow pet parents to serve our best friends with only the very best. We couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities that the future holds, meeting and serving more and more dogs and their doting pet parents and we couldn’t be happier and more grateful if you considered joining us in this journey.