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Is Intermittent Fasting For Dogs A Good Idea?

Understanding Intermittent Fasting For Dogs

Just like for humans, Intermittent fasting aka Time-Restricted Eating for dogs is a feeding strategy in which dogs are fed their daily food in a restricted time period, followed by a longer period of fasting.

The goal of intermittent fasting for dogs is to mimic the natural eating patterns of wild dogs and wolves, who typically hunt and eat in a feast-or-famine pattern.
In the wild, animals do not follow a regular eating schedule like our pet dogs. Instead, they adopt a feast-or-famine pattern based on the availability of their prey. They also have an innate sense of when to stop eating and focus on resting to eliminate toxins and promote self-healing.

by Lana Paws on February 20, 2023
How to control shedding in dogs Lana Paws Blog

Summer Shedding in Dogs: Causes, Diet Tips and Management

For most of us, the Indian summer is symbolised by flush yellow Amaltas trees, plump, juicy mangoes and iced glasses of roohafza. But for us pet parents, summer is also synonymous with something else – dog hair just about everywhere!

Many of us face the frustrating problem of dog shedding every year. We run from pillar to post trying to figure out at what point we’re supposed to intervene because honestly, THIS huge a furball every single day just can’t be normal right?!

We spoke to three canine experts – Gurugram-based senior veterinarian Dr Shelly Mattoocanine nutritionist and founder of  Doggiliciouus,  Manssi SK Saha, and President – Professional Pet Groomer’s association, India and Business Owner - Petsburgh, Mumbai, Andrea Cyrill Khurana, to get the lowdown on whether summer dog shedding is normal, how to manage all this shedding, when to seek expert care and diet tips for excessive shedding in dogs.

by Friends of LANA on April 07, 2022
A complete guide to superfoods for dogs

A complete guide to superfoods for dogs - Part 1

It may come as a surprise to you, but the word “Superfoodis not an official term for any kind of food. It's a marketing term coined to express the idea that some foods are more superior in nature than others. All foods offer nutrition and benefits to the body. However, the reason behind the term “super”  is that these particular foods are deemed to have extraordinary nutrient density. This means that these foods will offer more nutrients packed gram to gram compared with other foods.

Foods that offer maximum health impact in the minimum amount of calories or quantity required naturally tend to be a bang for your buck, so to speak! You share a lot of the superfoods with your dog, that could be included in the diet on a regular basis that are nutritionally dense and pack in health benefits immediately and in the long run. These foods help you fight disease, build immunity and provide good energy. Like you, your dog has a daily requirement of a variety of nutrients for the complex job of keeping their body functioning at a healthy optimal level. 

by Friends of LANA on February 29, 2020



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