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Monsoon care tips for dogs

by Lana Paws on May 30, 2023

monsoon care tips for dogs Lana Paws Blog

Pitter Patter as the rain comes down, we move from the gentle summer breeze to the stormy monsoon nights. As we step into the monsoon season, taking care of our furry friends is of utmost importance. A question that crosses the minds of all pet parents is 'how can I take care of my dog and provide him/her with that extra care during the rainy season?'.

With the onset of the monsoon season, cuddling with your dog at home is a warm and wholesome feeling. While the season is full of new experiences, smells and adventures for your pet, this season could also be stressful to pets as well as to pet parents. Dogs are prone to infections, rashes and tend to fall sick during the rains. According to your pet’s activity levels, age and the breed, the rains could be full of different and mixed experiences. Due to lack of awareness, proper care and pet protection gear, your furry friend might be exposed to the downfall of the monsoon season.

The monsoons can be a breath of fresh air from the hot summers and can be rejoiced by pets. Simple home remedies and tricks can help your pet have a safe and enjoyable monsoon.


Ensure they are clean and dry

monsoon care tips for dogs Lana Paws Blog

With the onset of the rainy season, the moisture in the air increases causing the environment to be wet and damp. Pets, especially our furry dogs may find it irritating and could become restless due to the dampness in the air. An easy and very important step of using a towel to wipe your dog, especially the paws post walks could help them feel dry and clean. Ensure to groom your pet regularly and brush their fur to remove extra moisture on a daily basis.

Deworming and Pests

Monsoons bring with them a higher chance of pets being affected by pests like ticks & fleas. The damp atmosphere allows for being a good breeding ground for these pests. One way to avoid your dog from being a host to these parasites is, give your pet deworming tablets before the start of the season. It reduces the chances of catching these fleas. Brush your dog’s fur regularly and ensure their coat is healthy. Natural remedies such as, vinegar water or mint leaves solution among others, could also be beneficial as prevention against ticks and fleas in dogs. 

It is important to remember that some of these tick medication could cause severe side effects for your pet. Thus, always consult your trusted vet and rely on previous experiences to choose the right method to keep parasites away from your beloved pets. 

Protection from thunders and lightning

monsoon care tips for dogs Lana Paws Blog

Dogs have a sensitive tolerance to loud sounds. This makes thunderstorms highly stressful for some dogs making them anxious and fearful. It is very important to soothe dogs during such times.

Creating a cozy corner where your pet feels comfortable and safe is essential. Dogs could get anxious and possess a risk of running away to protect themselves from the storm. Using a blanket or even your hands to pet your pooch and making them feel safe could help soothe your dog. It is essential to not scream at your dogs if they start running around or start tearing things out of frustration or anxiety. Understand that your dog is scared and is looking for distractions. If you divert your dog’s attention during a rainstorm by gently petting them or talking to them or playing their favorite indoor game, it will help your dog to feel safe and secure.

PAW protection

monsoon care tips for dogs Lana Paws Blog

Paws are the primary source of infections in dogs. As they have a direct contact to the ground, they tend to be attractors of various infections. Maintaining hygiene in the paws is very essential. Keep nails short, wipe your pets’ paws after walks and invest in rain protection gear for your paw buddies. During rain and snow, you should also take extra care to clean your dog's ears and nails since dirt can get trapped there and cause fungal diseases. Use soft cotton balls or tissues, and thoroughly clean your friend's ears. Remember to be gentle as dog ears are very sensitive. Be patient with your fur-buddy if you see that your dog resists the cleaning process and reward them on a job well done.

Do not miss walks

how to walk dogs during rains Lana Paws Blog

Untimely rains could hamper walk time of your pet. Do not miss taking your pet for a walk even if their usual timings are affected by rains. Being stuck inside all day might make your dog bored, which could result in aggression and weight gain. Dogs need to be outside in order to breathe fresh air and for mental stimulation and thus their walks must not be ignored. They will be able to sleep better at night thanks to this in addition to improving their health. Walks could operate as a breath of fresh air in your dog's life, especially during the monsoon season when the environment is dreary.

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Food and Water

It's important to ensure that your pet’s food and water is not kept in the open for a long time. The excess water content in the air could lead to contamination. Change water in the bowl regularly and provide freshly made or well stored food to your furry friend.

A rich diet for your pet goes a long way. Make sure your pet gets a balanced diet packed with all essential nutrients to keep them healthy and boost immunity in this season.


monsoon care tips for dogs Lana Paws Blog

Pets who are on the furrier side tend to get wet faster and take longer to dry fully. A haircut to trim long fur that touches the ground and brings in dirt, germs and dampness on your dog can help in keeping them dry, clean and happy.

In addition to managing your pet’s fur, nail clipping, ear cleaning and paw cleaning is essential for dogs all year round not just in the monsoons.

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Rain Protection Gear

monsoon care tips for dogs Lana Paws Blog

Pet parents often worry about walks and outdoor time of their pets during the monsoons. Fear not!

Invest in a good quality  rain protection gear such as raincoats for dogs and rubber boots for your dog’s paws so that you can take your pet outside even in the rains and get them their daily dose of serotonin.

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Don't Forget The Community Dogs

Stray or street dogs in India have a hard time during the monsoon season. As dog lovers, it is our responsibility to look after the community dogs by providing them shelter, access to clean water and fresh food, as well as timely medical care when required. Keep a regular check on your community dogs (and cats) and ensure they are healthy and safe.

monsoon care tips for dogs Lana Paws Blog

Home tips from us to you on taking care of your dog during the monsoon season:

  • Use a thick towel to dry your furry friend after walks especially the under belly and legs that would get wet from contact to the ground

  • Hold your pet close and take an umbrella on your walks to protect the fur of your dog. One could also invest in raincoats for dogs

  • During thunderstorms try to limit the loud sound on your pets’ ears. Tie a thin cloth/thin towel around their ears to restrict sound and making them more comfortable

  • During thunderstorms, due to fear, some dogs may not eat and drink water. Keep a fresh bowl of water available to them at all times and try to feed their favourite meals, however, do not force your pet and be patient with them

  • If your pet is a water baby he/she might want to splash around in the water pools on the ground. Stagnant water sometimes may cause bacterial infections, maggots, diarrhea, Giardia and fevers in dogs. Let your pet enjoy once in a while but make sure to clean her/him thoroughly post walk

  • Give your pet toys and loads of cuddles from time to time to make sure they have a fun monsoon and to reassure them that they are loved & safe

In conclusion, the monsoon season brings with it a refreshing change in weather, but it also poses unique challenges for our furry companions. As pet owners, it is crucial for us to recognize the importance of taking special care of our beloved pets during this rainy season. From ensuring their physical well-being to safeguarding them against potential health risks, providing proper monsoon care for our pets is a responsibility we must embrace. By implementing a few essential measures, we can ensure that our pets stay healthy, comfortable, and safe throughout this wet and sometimes challenging season.


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