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Tips To Walk Your Dog In The rain

by Lana Paws on June 16, 2022
Tips to walk your dog rain the rain Lana Paws Blog

Tips to walk your dog in the rain

Have you left a party early because you had to walk your dog?

Have you arrived somewhere late because you had to walk your dog?

Do you miss sleeping late as now you don’t have a choice because…well, your dog has to walk?!

We dog parents know how much our fur babies love their outdoor time and their daily walk routine. We also know the dirty looks they give us when we’re just 5 minutes late! Dogs love routine and for most urban and semi urban home dogs their walk is their favourite time of the day. This is the only time when they can explore the outdoors, sniff around and mentally stimulate themselves. It’s not just for fun, it’s absolutely essential for their health and well-being. For home dogs, walks are sacred and during the rainy/monsoon season, they become a major challenge.

Some dogs don't mind the rain and go about their business as usual, while others hate getting wet and cold.

Here are some tips to help you walk your dog in rain:

Bright Colours & Dog Raincoats

how do i walk my dog when it's raining Lana Paws Blog

Invest in a good quality raincoat for your dog. Playing in the rain and getting muddy may sound fun (and should be done occasionally), but following a thorough cleaning regime after every walk may not be feasible. Raincoats ensure that your dog stays protected and enjoys her walk regardless of the weather.

Dog raincoats with bright colors and/or reflective tapes will be more beneficial and safer as the skies turn gray.

Before you purchase a dog raincoat, be sure to check the size as per your dog’s age and breed. It’s highly recommended to measure your dog’s neck and chest using a measuring tape and choose the closest size available. You can browse through Lana Paws reflective printed dog raincoats here.

After their walk, remove their dog raincoat to prevent them from overheating.

Keep Their Paws Safe

dog walking tips in the rain Lana Paws

Use good quality canine rain boots with non-slip bottoms to protect your dog's paw pads during the rainy season. Walking in dog footwear may require some practice at the start however, never force your dog to wear any accessories if they are uncomfortable as it may lead to injuries.

If shoes are not an option, wipe your dog's paws after every walk and keep them dry. Moisture buildup can lead to bacterial infections and cracked pads, as well as exposing their paws to lawn chemicals and auto fluids.

Some senior dogs might even be at a risk of slipping while walking in the rain.

Alter The Walk Timing

Tips to walk your dog rain the rain Lana Paws Blog

Despite the fact that dogs love routines, especially when it comes to their precious walks, it's okay to change the time if venturing outside is not feasible because of heavy rain. Taking the dog for a walk in between heavy showers is always a better option than starting later.


Keep The Walks Short

Tips to walk your dog rain the rain Lana Paws Blog

Shortening your dog's walk duration sometimes is absolutely okay if he or she is accustomed to taking long walks. Your dog is not going to judge you! If the weather turns bad, it's safer to keep their walks short and to the point.

Because dogs spend so little time outdoors during monsoon, engaging them at home is essential to keep them mentally stimulated and happy. You can play canine puzzles, sniffing and other games at home to keep them active.


Create A Safe Spot At Home

dog walking tips in the rain and thunder

It may not be possible to go outside during periods of heavy rain or bad weather conditions such as lightning or thunder. It is recommended that you create a place where your dog can relieve himself in an emergency. The spot could be on your balcony, terrace, or even in the bathroom. These spots should be accessible to them so they don't have to hold for too long and become uncomfortable or even sick.

In heavy and loud rain, this is particularly helpful for anxious dogs who avoid going outside.


Pro-tip for anxious dogs

If your dog is scared of loud noises, you can create a cosy corner for her with a comfortable bed, her favourite toys, and soothing music during periods of lightning and thunder. Dogs mirror our energies, so it is important to remain calm and relaxed so that your dog can feel confident. Never force your dog to step outside if she’s uncomfortable and avoid leaving her alone if the weather turns particularly bad.

We hope you find these tips helpful and easy to implement. Don’t forget to share this guide with other dog parents you know.

Happy dog parenting!


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