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On Dog Duty

by Friends of LANA on September 22, 2018

 Adapted by Anuradha Kurup*

We picked dogs up and  brought them into our home
They were also born to be free and to roam  
But they had very little choice
Because they do not have a voice

They are always so loving loyal and good 
And deserve much more than water, warmth and food
Give them something to play with and  enjoy
A dog friend,  and maybe  a toy they  can destroy
Take them through fields and many a wood
And live life like every free being should

Let them walk, play and run
Explore and have  lots of fun  
Do all they want, like run and  sniff and seek
This is what they would ask for they could only speak

~Shay Kelly~2017~

*Anuradha Kurup is a teacher and a special educator for the past 30years. She enjoys reading, music, dance, and yoga and fitness.

She shared with us - "I was not an animal person until ten years ago but grew to love them after my sons rescued our two pets from a backyard breeder. I then slowly moved into animal care and animal rescue of community dogs in a small way over the past five years. 
Our pets Blizzard and Phoenix are Siberian Husky Cocker Spaniel mixes and are now 9 years old. The Indie, Flower, is about four years old. She adopted us after she turned up as a thin scared pup at our gate four years ago."


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