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Lana Paws Dog Hind Leg Hock Joint Braces
Lana Paws Dog Hind Leg Hock Joint Braces
Lana Paws Dog Hind Leg Hock Joint Braces
Lana Paws Dog Hind Leg Hock Joint Braces
Lana Paws hind leg hock joint and ankle brace for dogs with arthritis
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Dog Rear Leg Hock Brace, Dog Leg Brace for Rear Leg, Hock & Ankle Support for Hind Legs

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How do hock joint braces help dogs with arthritis and pain?

Hock joint braces can help dogs with arthritis and pain by providing support to the hock joint and helping to distribute weight more evenly across the limb. The brace can also prevent further damage to the joint by keeping it in the proper position. The brace can also help to reduce pain and inflammation in the joint, and improve mobility.

Refer to the size chart & measure your dog's legs as per the instructions (scroll through the images). WhatsApp at +91-8178999104 / Email: hello@lanapaws.com for any assistance.

Dog Leg Braces/ Back leg support for dogs

  • COMES AS A PAIR - Veterinarians highly recommend wearing braces to support both legs even if only one leg is injured. The 'good' leg also needs support to maintain its strength and speed up the recovery

  • SECURE & SAFE: Curve design perfectly matching dog's hock joint for comfortable fit. Each hind leg brace comes with 4 Reflective Velcro Straps that secure the brace around hock without moving or sliding down and more importantly provide visibility and safety in the dark

  • OPTIMAL SUPPORT – The dog hock hind leg braces are made with care to provide strong support to dogs or cats from leg injuries, help in wounds healing, hock and ankle pain relief and loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis and joint issues as well as knee issues

  • SOFT & DURABLE - The hind leg hock dog braces are made of premium quality material, which is soft and durable, does not rub, pinch or hurt skin, and is suitable for extended period of wear and repeated uses

  • SIZE: Please measure your dog’s legs as per the size guide

Hock joint dog braces are used to provide support and stability to the hock joint (ankle) in dogs. They are typically used to treat or manage conditions such as arthritis, ligament or tendon injuries, and instability in the hock joint. They can also be used to help dogs recover from surgery or to prevent injury in dogs that are prone to hock problems. These braces can help to reduce pain, inflammation and to improve the mobility of the affected limb.

Like Carpal braces, it is important that the use of a hock brace is recommended and monitored by a veterinarian, as the underlying condition causing the need for the brace must be properly diagnosed and treated.

It's also important to note that the use of a brace is not a substitute for proper veterinary care and treatment, but rather is used as an adjunct therapy to help manage the symptoms of the underlying condition.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester