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Tips to keep pets safe & stress-free during Diwali, Christmas & Festive Season

by Lana Paws on October 04, 2022

Tips To Keep Pets Safe, Calm & Involved During The Festive & Holiday Season

Enthusiasm and holiday spirit are at an all-time high as the festive season approaches. Every year during this time, families get together to rejoice.

Why exclude your pet from this celebration?

We're all unsure of the best approach to make the holiday season memorable for our furry pals while still involving them in all the fun. With all the noises, unfamiliar faces, and strange smells, festival season can be a little frightening for your pet. However, it might not be the best choice to exclude your pet from the festivities. The months that follow bring in multiple festivals right from Dussehra, Navratri, Durga Pujo, Diwali, Christmas to New Year's. This is how you and your pet can make the most of it!

Hence, the focus of this article is on all the ways you may include your dog or cat in the festival fun while also keeping them safe and comfortable.

Before we begin, let's highlight what must be your top priority during the festive season as a pet parent - your pet's safety! Some animals tend to escape to a 'safer' space during the festive and the holiday season due to all the added excitement and commotion in the air. Ensure they have an ID tag, all the doors and windows (in case of cats) are properly locked, especially when you have guests over. As you enjoy these fun times with your friends and family, always keep an eye on your furry friend to see they are comfortable and safe.


It's the Diwali season, when the house is decorated with lights and piles of mithai boxes. While Diwali is traditionally celebrated with crackers, our dogs and other animals do not enjoy the loud booms that come along with the light show. Animals have a hearing range, so loud noises like crackers could frighten and in some cases, cause extreme anxiety to your furry family members. Here are some tips to ensure your pets have a safe and joyous Diwali:

A Safe Space

how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during Diwali season

Pets flee to cozy hiding places during Diwali because they see the crackling of the crackers as a threat and wish to get away from it. Do not drag your pet out if they are hiding in a closed space, such as under a couch, in the washrooms or behind a bed, as it is part of their instinct to run away from danger. Put thick curtains all around your home to block out outside noise as much as you can to make it as soundproof as you can. Keep your windows closed when firecrackers are the loudest.

Keep your dog busy at these times. Play games he likes or play some calming music in the room.

The Sweet Temptation

how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during Diwali season

Pets have a sweet tooth much as people do when it comes to sweets. Your pet wants whatever you are eating, and you can't withstand their conniving puppy eyes. But as pet owners, we should always be aware that practically all candies and sweets include xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is harmful to your pets. Instead, why not make some healthy treats for your pets at home to include them in the festivities while also not compromising on their health.


how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during Diwali season

Adding a small variation to the routine might also help your pet avoid needless misery. They can benefit from early morning walks with their owners and a change in bedtime based on the various rituals we practice. When the festivities are in full swing, avoid taking them out for a walk because it could scare them even more. Secure the leash on your dog securely to prevent escape. Make sure your dog has a name tag with your contact details so that, in the event that he does manage to escape, you can increase your chances of finding your dog back. In order to stop your dog from escaping, make sure that all escape routes—including the main door, fences, etc.—are maintained close.


Look out for the community dogs

how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during Diwali season

During this time, it is equally crucial to look after stray dogs and cats.

Animals and birds experience significant distress as a result of the abrupt light, noise, and air pollution. A bowl of water left outside our homes keeps them hydrated and temporarily reduces their anxiousness.

You can also leave the gates to your home and parking area open to provide frightened animals a place to hide. Give any terrified street dogs temporary shelter, just as you would if it were pouring outside. Although they are accustomed to living on the streets, they are equally as terrified of loud cracker noises as your pet is.

While the aforementioned advice will help your pet have a safe Diwali, it is recommended to avoid crackers and advise others to do the same. While fireworks may increase the excitement of the evening for some people and especially for children, they frighten our animals and birds. Many animals go missing from their territories for days post Diwali helpless, hungry and terrified, while many lose their lives due to heart attack caused by sudden loud noises. If you must, you can enjoy the festival with some noiseless firecracker options.  


dog ethnic clothes for festivals and Diwali

When you want to include your dog to all the festivities, let's ensure she looks the part! Dressing up is not just for humans, invest in comfortable festive accessories for your pet as well. A little glitter and sparkle never hurt anybody. 

Don't forget to click a lot of family pictures together to cherish these memories later!


During this time of year, when routines are disrupted and holiday customs can seem perplexing, your dog will enjoy extra love and attention from you. Your pet will undoubtedly need some downtime after all the rushing around and raucous Christmas cheer.

There are various ways to let your dog join in on the family Christmas festivities.


During the holidays, you should make sure your dog has a cosy place to unwind. This might be a designated spot on the couch, their bed, or a crate.

Dogs may require a quiet retreat at holiday festivities if they become overstimulated.


Buy christmas gifts for dogs online in India

If you often give and receive gifts from family and friends during the holiday season, include your dog in the festivities by showering them with gifts as well. Some thoughtful gifting suggestions include a personalised name collar belt for your dog, a funky holiday/ christmas themed dog bandana scarf, christmas themed dog collar belts, warm winter jackets or sweaters for your dog among others.

Included in holiday rituals, dogs will feel cherished and special since they are always happier spending more time with their favourite humans.


how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during Diwali season

Christmas lights are a mainstay of the holiday season, and many people like to use them to brightly decorate their homes. Parks, city centers, and shopping malls frequently have sparkling lights and decor. Take your dog out for a drive or a walk over the holiday season to admire the glitzy neighborhood decorations. Your dog will appreciate going outside with you to see the lights. Simply stroll through the neighborhood at night if your town or city does not have a holiday light show (or if you prefer a less populated strolling path). There will undoubtedly be a few homes in your neighborhood that have amazing holiday light displays. It could be a fun activity to do with your pet during the holiday season. However, avoid going to crowded areas with your dog and always keep them comfortably restrained on leash. 


how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during Diwali season

A lot of the traditional holiday goodies for humans can be harmful to dogs, so be cautious when feeding them to your dog. Create some simple, healthy homemade dog treats in their place. By baking with or for your animal companion, you will surely get into the holiday mood and spirit. Your pet will enjoy the extra treats full of new flavours!


how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during Diwali season

The abundance of festive outfit possibilities, Christmas lights, and vibrant red and green colors provide a superb backdrop for some stunning images. There is no need to exclude your dog from the enjoyment of dressing up a little for the holidays; we all enjoy it. Your pet can spice things up a bit by donning one of the beautiful costumes or a stunning selection of holiday collars. It's fun to dress your dog up in adorable outfits, but be careful not to force him or her to wear something they don't feel comfortable in.

Christmas is a wonderful time to express your affection for your dog. Many individuals are busy at this time of year and might not have as much time for their dogs.

You can demonstrate your love for your dog by making an effort to spend quality time with them.

It is gratifying and soothing to spend time with your dog. The holidays can be hectic, but once everything has calmed down, take some time to unwind and give your dog a big embrace. Nothing makes your dog happier than to be with you.


On New Year's Eve, there is usually a lot of celebration, music, décor, and crowds. For your dog, who might not comprehend all the commotion, it might be a lonely time. Lots of cocktails, sparkles, and fireworks! It's time to rejoice in a fresh beginning. Unfortunately, such celebration might sound more like a nightmare for our furry pals. It may be preferable to just stay inside and cuddle on the couch if your dog is easily startled by loud noises rather than taking them out on New Year's Eve.

Here’s how you can have the best new year celebration with your dog-


New Year's Eve and fireworks go hand in glove, much to the chagrin of our poor furry friends. Look for strategies to reduce noise at home. For some ambient noise, think about turning on the TV or music. Neighborhoods will undoubtedly celebrate on their own with parties, firecrackers, and cheers, which may sound much louder to our dogs as compared to us, due to their hearing range.


how to celebrate new year's with your dog

Here's a terrific solution for dog owners who want to ring in the new year with family and friends but still want to stay home to care for their dog! Get together with a few other dog lovers to celebrate as a group. For those who are concerned about how their dog will react to the celebrations and fireworks taking place all around them, this is a fantastic choice. Playing with his canine companions will entirely divert your dog from the current situation. This activity is recommended for dogs who are familiar with one another and enjoy their company. 

Animals are unable to comprehend why we celebrate. Don't forget to cuddle with your dog when the clock strikes 0:00. A dog only needs your enthusiasm and zeal to get the year off to a great start.

If your dog gets anxious around this time, spend as much time with her as possible and keep her away from the noise. Calming music, natural lavender mist/spray, her favourite toy or a chew along with a comfortable corner could help her stay calm and stable. Remember to stay calm yourself as your dog would mirror your feelings, and keep showering her with a lot of love and her favourite treats!

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