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Furry Festivities - how to include your dog in fun and festivities!

by Lana Paws on September 29, 2022

Written by Disha Ramanan

Updated 28 September 2022

Lana Paws Diwali dog bandana and diwali clothes for dogs

It’s that time of year again – we’ve begun the festive season with gusto! Every year, from October until the new year we celebrate, we shop, we splurge, we eat, we visit with one another and we have an absolute blast. For those of us pet parents forever obsessed with everything four-pawed, we want to spoil our fur babies just as much as anyone else!

For your convenience, we’ve curated a complete guide to everything you can gift your best bud to make sure she’s equally involved in all the celebrations. So, if you’d like to make the festivities memorable for her too, read on…

A (Pet) Shopper’s Delight

Navratri, Pujo and Diwali celebrations are incomplete without brand new clothes and accessories, so why should your dog be any different? This season, why not make him the best dressed in the house with festive themed dog bowties and dog bandana scarves. 

dog bow tie Lana Paws

If that’s not your pooch’s style, we doubt there could be anything more fitting for a special occasion than this adorable tuxedo dog bandana.

If you’ve already been there done that, consider this for a step up – how about a personalized dog accessory? Get ready for the family doggo to steal the show, sitting pretty in her very own personalized bandana or name collar.

dog bandana custom Lana Paws 

And speaking of sitting pretty, make your fur baby the talk of the town by getting her a beautifully chic and unique patchwork dog mat and dog blanket to chill in. There’s already a nip in the air, and winter is just ‘round the corner, so what better gift than that? Our soft patchwork, applique-work dog blankets could be your beloved baby’s new favourite thing. Oh, and did we mention there are personalized dog mats and dog blankets available too?

Lana Paws red patchwork dog mat

A Sweet Tooth

healthy dog treats india

No Indian festival is complete without a joyous overdose of all things sweet. So many people make the grave mistake of including the animal family members in this overindulgence. While the intention is just to spoil your darling (and let’s face it, dogs can make their “puppy dog” faces and melt even the stoniest hearts, can’t they?), this is an extremely dangerous and unhealthy practice for a dog.

This season let’s make a commitment to pamper our dogs the right way, with true love and good health. While us humans are munching on our own sweets, don’t toss a few to Buddy. Instead, to make sure he’s just as involved in making merry, why not get him some gob-smacking, yummy, healthy treats he won’t be able to keep his paws off?

We’ve got a few yummy examples of dog treats you can buy, such as Dogsee Chews (these are 100% natural Yak milk chews). Canine India and Canine Craving also make all-natural treats for your dogs – guaranteed to be loved by your pooch.

A Star Is Born

For us, a quick dash to a salon or a self-grooming glow-up session is all that’s needed for us to look and feel our very special best. Let’s get our fur kids in on the fun this time!

If you (or your doggo) don’t really feel like a trip to a dog spa, don’t you worry. We’ve got a specially curated selection of doggo products that are guaranteed to make sure your dog looks and feels just as good as you do!

How about starting winter off right by using this lovely paw balm to smoothen her dry paws? It’s made of Shea Butter, Kokum Butter and Beeswax.

Or a totally natural, indulgent shampoo and conditioner so that every furball looks their glorious best? Check out this one from PetVeda – a natural, anti-fungal, anti-itching shampoo or these organic dog soaps from Happy Puppy Organics.

And our favourite skin go-to – Scooby Dub-Dub! Use this lovely 100% natural skin care powder and give your dog some TLC. You can get your pack here.

This season is tough on dogs (especially their skin), so let’s make the celebration a healthy one for all.

 natural home remedies for skin infection in dogs

Woofs ‘R’ Us

Toys are always a welcome way to pamper your pooch – any time of year! So why not treat your dog to a few new, special toys this festive season? There are even festive-specific toys to choose from, so now there’s no excuse for Buddy to not be a part of the gift exchanges. Just For Wags does great festival-inspired designs for toys

Doggo’s Day Out + Doggy DIYs

If gifting things and buying treats doesn’t sound like you, but you’d still like the animal love of your life to join in the merriment, there are still so many ways to do it!

Consider taking your furry special someone on a day out. Particularly, if he is social and likes to be out of the house, why not go out and treat him to a special day at a dog café near you?

But if your dog prefers being with her near and dear ones and likes to be in her comfort zone, celebrate a special day with her at home! There are so many wonderful things to do – consider a special dog treat baking day and make your pooch some super healthy and yummy treats.

Consider this one from The Blond Cook, if simple is what you’re looking for or if your dog has a sensitive tummy.

Or this peanut butter-based yum-tastic treat, from Damn Delicious or even some super healthy grain-free dog treats from Your Dog Advisor.

Finally, if you’re not a treat beginner and would rather experiment with different recipes and take your pick from a variety, we found this wonderful list of treat recipes from Puppy Leaks, which are all 5 ingredients or less.

With the celebrations and festivities on full swing, this is a time of year many of us look forward to. There’s a certain magic in the air as people welcome blessings into their lives and share some great times with near and dear ones. But any celebration would be incomplete without our beautiful pets joining in the fun. After all, as every dedicated pet parent knows, our animal companions are our biggest blessings of all.

Happy festivities y’all!

by boops and bleps on October 27, 2022

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by boops and bleps on October 27, 2022

natural pet products is best for your dog without any side effects. Boops and bleps is the only natural shampoo and free from harmful chemicals that protects your dog from diseases.


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