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How to choose the best and the safest dog leash?

by Lana Paws on September 17, 2022

how to choose the best leash for your dog

It's crucial for you and your dog to spend time outside everyday. Stretching out while taking in the sun is a huge advantage, whether you go for a fast jog or a leisurely stroll. But when you’re out with your dog, there are precautions you should take to keep them safe, secure and under your control. A dog leash is by far the most widely used method to do this.

Given the various styles, sizes, lengths, and intended purposes, choosing the ideal dog leash can be challenging. The ideal leash for you and your dog will fit their size and weight, provide you control, be easy to grasp, be constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials, and have enough tensile strength to support your dog even when they tug.


One of the key accessories that many pet owners focus on purchasing are leashes for their dogs. Different dog leashes have different purposes. Some owners commit the error of buying the cheapest leash available at their neighborhood pet store. Dog leashes (also called dog lead or dog lead line) must be robust, long-lasting, and pleasant for both the owner and the pet—a difficult balance to achieve in a design. Think about the breed, age, size, and personality of your dog. If your animal friend is still a puppy, then a simple leash will do appropriate for his/her size.

What does one need to keep in mind while investing in the ideal dog leash?

Your dog's experience with a leash can be improved by figuring out its purpose. Based on their intended purpose, various leash styles are available in the market. Pick your leash intelligently for anything from hiking to the essential function of daily walks.


The material from which a leash is made, its durability, the strength and make of the hardware used, if or not your dog is a chewer and the strength of the leash are a few factors that need to be considered before purchasing a leash.


Length plays a significant role in deciding which leash you are going to invest in. Shorter leashes provide for greater control over your pet in contrast to a longer leash that is less restrictive.

Asking questions regarding products like ‘Which dog leash do you sell the most of?’, ‘Which dog leash would you recommend for behavioral training?’ or ‘What dog leash should I go for for my highly energetic dog’ is always a smart idea when visiting a pet store.


Types of dog leashes

Dog leash can be classified on the basis of material, style, dog breed etc.
To begin with, we can classify dog leash on the basis of style-

The typical wide grip leash works well for running, walking, and training your dog. With a four-to-six-foot range, it keeps your dog near you so you can maintain control. This leash can be used to teach your puppy to walk without pulling and can be used in the initial training stages.

The long leash—with a length ranging from at least 10 feet up to or more than 30 feet, this long dog leash is typically used when you wish to set your dog free and let him or her explore, without feeling restricted. This lead gives you lesser control over your dog and is not recommended in crowded and unsafe places. Take caution when using such a leash to make sure that you or your dog don’t get entangled in the leash.

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Some of the most commonly found leashes in pet stores and vet clinics include:


best dog leash for medium dogs like desis, beagles and cocker spaniels

They are a necessity for almost all breeds of dogs and dog owners. These leashes have a looped end for your hand to grab and a clasp on the other end that attaches to the collar. They are designed for regular use and basic training exercises.

Standard leashes can be anywhere between four feet, which will help you control your dog better, and eight feet, which will help you train your dog. The majority of common leashes are flat in design. If you have a strong dog, you might want to think about using a round rope construction for increased strength.

Standard leashes are often made of leather, nylon, cotton or polyester webbing.


best dog leash for medium dogs like desis, beagles and cocker spaniels

Retractable dog leashes are a very common type of leash that can make dog walks easier and much more enjoyable by allowing you to keep control of your pet while also allowing them the freedom they need to explore around the park or sidewalk. There are a few things to keep in mind when using a retractable dog leash to ensure it is still safe and advantageous for both you and your pup. One must be very careful and attentive while using this type of dog leash as a sudden jerk could lead to dangerous situations and even accidents. Secondly, avoid using this type of leash in crowded and unknown areas.


best dog leash for large size dogs

Your pet's furry friend finds it challenging to bite on a chain or metal leash. Gradually, they give up and stop trying to break the pattern of biting and pulling.
Leashes made of chains are tougher. Stainless steel makes up the majority of the chains on these kinds of leashes. As a result, they are resistant to bites, and breakage. However, they are not the most comfortable option for your dog or for you, due to their heavy weight and rough handle.


Leashes that are both regular and retractable and are adjustable, let you change the length of the leash as needed. However, at a length between three and six feet, they are considerably shorter than retractable leashes. By adjusting the built-in loops and clips, you may adjust the leash.
Most dog owners invest in adjustable leashes as a training aid that can extend as their dog gets better.


best dog leash for medium dogs like desis, beagles and cocker spaniels

As the name says, slip leads for dogs, usually referred to as slip leashes, are simple leashes designed to be swiftly slipped on dogs. More precisely, they consist of a handle with a loop and a second loop at the other end that is designed to be wrapped around the dog's neck.
Before wrapping it around dog's neck, the loop can be opened widely. Pulling the leash once the loop is in place will tighten it so that it fits securely without coming undone. A number of materials are available for slip leads. Nylon is used to make the most typical variety.


best dog leashes online
It can be challenging to walk two dogs at once, particularly if one or both of them tend to tug on the leash during walks. In order to walk two dogs on the same leash, many pet owners put a coupler at the end of one leash, creating a prong. There are hands-free dog leashes that you may wear around your waist with the help of a hands-free dog leash belt as a new feature. This is helpful while managing walks with multiple dogs because it may be necessary for your hands to be free in order to immediately take control of any dog without losing control of the others that you are also simultaneously walking.

This type of leash may be challenging if both the dogs are highly energetic and tend to lunge and tug during walks. The wearable option should be used only if your dog is very well trained as it may lead to accidents.


A question often asked by pet parents include, ‘How do I train my dog to walk without a leash?’

But many people have concerns about releasing the leash and allowing their dog to roam free.

What if your dog flees and never returns? What if they disappear?
What happens if they are hurt?

Your dog has to have a strong come-when-called cue before they may accompany you on off-leash outings. You should start out simply when teaching your dog to come when called and work your way up to more challenging recalls. Start indoors and practice from room to room. Then move on to a garden. While you’re out on leashed walks, practice. To simulate the sensation of being set free, use a long dog leash. Don't feel pressured to let your dog off-leash before you know they are ready; this takes time and plenty of practice.

A dog that is unrestrained has the potential to meander and stray from its owner. They naturally move more quickly than we do and go off the beaten path. Keep them in your line of sight for safety's sake so you can call them back if necessary. When you're out in the yard, on leash walks, or at the dog park, think about whether your dog tends to be more independent or prefers to keep close to you. This can help you determine how probable it is that they will stick close to you while unrestrained. By teaching your dog to recognize its name and cueing them to look at you, you can promote check-ins.

However, it’s highly recommended to keep your dog on leash in public areas unless it’s explicitly allowed and you are 100% confident in your dog’s recall training.

It's not as simple as it seems to choose a dog leash, is it? But, isn’t it fun that pet parents may now personalize collars, leashes, mats and many other accessories for their pets as they please?

Make sure the leash you get is ideal not only for you but also for your pet. Having a dog leash that is age appropriate, sturdy, and simple to use is crucial.

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