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How to Choose the Right Collar for your Dog

by Lana Paws on October 05, 2021

Multiple households today adopt pets as a companion. Statistically, around 67% of families in the US alone own at least one pet, and most of them belong to the dog family.

While keeping a pet is originally a fun decision for most people, they need to spend more on their upkeep and training later. Statistics show that generally, pet owners spend approximately $73 every year just on grooming-related items.

The population of pet dogs in India stood at around 19.5 million in the year 2018. The population was forecast to reach over 31 million by the end of year 2023. The growth in the number of pet dogs in India had led to the increase in pet food sales, from approximately 139 million U.S. dollars in 2014 to approximately 285 million dollars in 2018. 

The allied industries in the pet sector have also witnessed a considerable growth owing to this remarkable increase in the pet dog ownership in India.

Dog collars are one of the main pieces of wearable products that a lot of pet owners focus on buying. While there are many choices available in the market, choosing the right type is a concern for most. They get stuck on factors like:

  • Size of the collar
  • Design
  • Colour
  • Additional embellishments

In this article, we dive deeper into these factors, focusing on the main features you should consider to buy the correct collar type for your dog. Read ahead if you want to buy the right dog accessories online.


Right Type of Collar

One of the first things you should do is focus on the collar's type. At this point, it is important to consider the main purpose of the collar as well. Would the collar work as an identifier or for training reasons only? Also, think about where you wish to use it while walking your dog the most - around the park, on the streets or at places like doggy daycares.


Flat-buckle collar


One of the most common choices of collar styles is the standard one- flat-buckle collars. The closing technique here is snap-styled or buckle-shaped and is relatively cost-effective.

Brands sell them in many varieties when it comes to the material and size, and offers well-designed options. One of the best options you would find is the Googly Eyes Dog Collar from Lana Paws. This dog collar is quirky, strong and lightweight while ensuring optimal comfort for your pup.

There are also alternatives available that include additional features like light-reflective strips. This is best for people who take their dogs for walks at night.


Quick-release buckle collar

Typically, this type of dog collar has metal or plastic buckles that have an attachment mechanism for paired options. The collar fastens well and stays intact even if someone is pulling on it.

After tightening the sides, the mechanism allows one to pull off the collar properly without hurting the wearer. Commonly this is valuable in doggy daycare centers. The workers can detach it more easily in case of particular situations like another dog biting on it without letting go.


 Martingale collar


Martingale collars are a great option for your dog if your dog tends to slip out of his/her regular collars too often as they are generally loose around the neck for comfort but tighten when a dog pulls on its leash. They are considered a better and safer option than a regular choke or prong collars. They are also helpful for training your dogs.

You can check out Lana Paws martingale collars in comfortable and vibrant designs.




H-harnesses are also considered a wonderful walking option for dogs. In this, the D-ring which attaches to the leash sits on the back of the dog instead of the neck, which allows the dog full movement without any constriction or tension or rubbing on the skin. 

Dog H-harnesses are great for dogs who are escape artists. One needs to ensure the perfect fit for the dog, while purchasing and fitting the harness onto the dog. 

You would find a lot of effective and stylish options at Lana Paws, like the Red Polka-dotted dog H-harness. The harness comes with four adjusting points, two around the neck and two around the chest to help you achieve the optimal fit for your dog.

ScruffTag Dog Collar


Advancements in technology have brought multiple new high-quality vet products in the market, like the ScruffTag collar type. Statistically, with the high sales of advanced options like this, the global market value of pet care products is expected to grow up to $358.62 billion by 2027.

As for the collar design itself, it comes with specific dogIDs. Here, the straps stay encasing the rectangle-shaped ID tag for better hold. Dog owners personalize the name of the dog on the nameplate, which is available at the back of the neck instead of the front. This way, information is easier to check for strangers.


Pinch/prong collar


These work similarly to choke collars in operation. However, there are small metal prongs available on the interior side of the collar. When the dog owner pulls the leash, the blunt prongs dig into the skin of the wearer. While this is meant for training unruly dogs, it is not the safest option available and we certainly DO NOT recommend this type collar for your dog.


Choke collar

Here, owners can control the movements of their pets via the control loop. When they pull on it, the choke collar tightened at the neck of the dog. However, unlike the other options, this is very unsafe as there is no limitation to the intensity of the tightness. Throat damage is possible and for this reason, we strongly recommend going for other more safer and comfortable collar options for your dog.


Material of the Collar

When you are considering buying collars as dog birthday gifts or even for regular use, you should take the comfort level of your pup into account. The type of material should factor into your decision here. Not only for that, but this would also ensure that you buy something durable and easily washable as dog collars will get dirty very fast.

Common types include:

  •       Nylon dog collars- One of the most regularly used options for dog collar material is nylon. It is less costly and works well for all dogs, however it’s not considered skin-friendly and can potentially irritate your dog’s skin and fur over time.

You can buy many leash sets with nylon fabric for your pets. While this is a good choice, it is important to note that it is not a versatile option. If your dog likes to jump around in puddles or travels outdoors more often, nylon-based collars would not last long.

  • Fabric-based Dog collars -fabric-collarsThese are one of the most comfortable dog collar material options for your dog as they are gentle on their skin and generally do not cause rubbing or irritation on the skin. At Lana Paws, we have a variety of fabric based dog collars that are not just lightweight and comfortable for your dog but they are also highly durable, sturdy and look extremely fashionable. From durable canvas fabric collars and denim based stunning embroidered collars to super lightweight but highly durable  hemp dog collars, Lana Paws offers a huge variety of fabric based collars for your dog. Many of them come with customized embellishments, like the personalized dog collars at Lana Paws.

  •       Waterproof biothane- Another notable choice for dog collars is the biothane option, which is a form of polyester with a blend of vinyl and urethane material. It works well for dogs who like to get wet more often, or you live in an area with heavy rainfall.

The material lasts longer and does not smell bad even after long-time usage. You would find many options for this in terms of patterns, looks, and colours. 

  •       Leather- Many of the dog collars available in the market are made of leather. Appearance-wise, these are stylish and classy, and highly durable and resistant to weather-based elements. However, at Lana Paws, we do not support animal based products and thus, would suggest going for high-quality vegan leather accessories instead of the real leather if you prefer this collar material for your dog.

Tips to Select the Best Collar Size for Your Dog

Whether you are buying a personalized Dog bandana, like the ones available at Lana Paws or a dog collar, you must consider your pet’s size. For the best level of compatibility, you need to focus on particular factors first.


Breed of the dog

Indeed, the type of breed determines highly what kind of collar size you should buy. Some like the Alsatians or German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers or Labradors have a big and broad build. On the other hand, Indian dogs, Beagles etc are usually of a small to medium built while chihuahuas are incredibly small.

So, when you are checking the size of the collar, follow the breed recommendations mentioned in the labels. A lot of the brands like Lana Paws does that for their clients to get all the necessary and relevant information before buying.

To note, each of the breed-centric collar sizes would not work for your dog accurately. But, it would give you a narrower margin of choices, which is helpful for first-time buyers.


Measure your dog’s neck


You should measure the neck dimensions of your dog directly to know what size to look for. Here, take a measuring tape and wrap it around the neck's circumference.

After the measurement you get, add 2 inches to the calculation if you have a medium-sized dog or just 1 inch if you have a small breed. For the latter, this counts for the dog with an under-10-pound body weight.

If your dog weighs more than 80 pounds, choose a Personalised dog collar 3 inches more than the measurement you get. Choosing slightly bigger options gives them room to breathe and move their head comfortably.


Width of the collar

Thick collars are better suited for bigger dogs that have more strength and give them the right support. Wide collars, on the other hand, are comfortable and good for dogs with weaker necks or smaller breeds. Lana Paws offers 1 inch width for small-medium breeds and 1.5 inch width for larger breeds. Custom sizes are also available on request.


Focus on the fur

When you are putting the dog collar around the neck of your pup, the fur can get stuck inside the collar. This can feel uncomfortable and sometimes painful for the dogs if you pull the collar. So, carefully check the fur length of your dog first.

If you take your dog for grooming services regularly and get them haircuts, measure the neck of your dog just after grooming and once before the act. Then, add 1-3 inches to the after-grooming measurement. For the best fit, choose pet dog accessories like collars or harnesses that have adjustable features. Therefore, you can fit it on your dog in both circumstances.


Growth of the dogs

If you are buying a dog collar for your puppy, you must take into account that they are in their growing stage. So, you should buy options that come with adjustable size variations. This way, you can use the collar for your dog for a longer period and avoid wasting money on buying new collars at every stage of their growth.



Overall, you should check out the different options available carefully before selecting one or more collar alternatives. The best collar options come with adjustable features and high-quality material.

Therefore, verify those and buy products from reliable brands. Moreover, you should remember to check the size of your dog's neck regularly. This way, you can replace worn-down or tight collars in time, and ensure the highest comfort for your pup.

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