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Eight fun ways to celebrate your dog's birthday!

by Friends of LANA on March 13, 2020

Written by Disha Ramanan

lana paws blog fun ways to celebrate your dog's birthday

As every pet parent would know, dogs are the heart and soul of every family – there’s no doubt about this. As with every member of the family, we must celebrate our most beloved member’s birthday too! While there’s no need to go overboard, there’s also every reason to indulge your doggo just a little bit more on her special day (be it birthday or adoptaversary!). We’ve thought of some cute little ways to make sure your dog has the BEST birthday in this blog post.

Going back to where it all started

Every love story begins somewhere – and the story of you and your fur baby is no different. How about going back and honouring the place where it all began? If you adopted your dog from a shelter, plan a visit (with or without Doggo) and give them a donation or spend some time there. If you picked him up from the street, go there again with him and revisit your memories of the day you picked him up. Even if you didn’t get him from any particular place, you can always revisit your earliest photographs of your dog as a puppy and relive the wonderful puppyhood days!

What makes your dog's day pawfect?

When it’s your dog’s day, you gotta do things her way! Does your dog like extra-long walks? Does she like meeting new people and new dogs? Or does she prefer being with her near and dear? Does she like playing games with you? Or would she rather have a chill day, sleeping by your feet? Whatever your dog likes, this is the BEST day to do more of it.

Onwards, to new adventures

Dogs love activities where they can use their nose! How about taking him on a completely new walking route? Or to the nearest big park or forest area, you can think of that’s open to humans and pets? Your pooch is going to love the special hike!

Some dogs also love swimming. Making a day out of his birthday and taking him to your nearest dog pool is going to be a guaranteed, dawg-gone good time.

How about a dog potrait or two?

As any pet parent would know, getting beautiful photos with your dogs is HARD. A pet photographer is a trained professional who knows exactly how to work with animals – what’s a more special day to engage one and get the prettiest portraits ever of you and your furball? Pictures and memories last a lifetime – take it from us, your future self will thank you for this someday.

Pupcakes + gifts = best pawty ever

Okay, no birthday is complete without cake and gifts. There are no two ways about that. Dog bakeries are dime a dozen these days; you can easily reach out to a few near you, plan ahead just a bit and have your baby relish some yum pupcakes on her birthday. If buying it isn’t your style, there are awesome DIY recipes all over the Internet – go ham! As for presents, we suggest understanding what your dog really likes. Some dogs are toy-motivated and would do anything for a tennis ball or a Kong toy. Other dogs are entirely food-motivated, and you can’t go wrong buying a new kind of treat for them. Figure out what she likes and go for it.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize some more!

When the focus is on the pup, she’s got to look the part. Why not invest in some beautiful, personalized, handmade bandanas and bow-ties, made with nothing but love for dogs and the humans who love them? (there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-promo ;-) Your dog will be the talk of the town dressed up in the most special way for her special day.

Round up the squad

Dogs usually have at least a couple of friends; maybe they’re the community dogs on the street, other pet dogs who frequent the dog park or even just their sibling doggo with whom they share their hooman. Any which way, round up the squad and have a barkday party in the park! Make sure your pooch is dressed to the nines, and let your dog have a great time with his friends. Maybe you can get pupcakes and treats for all his best buds too. Make it a day to celebrate and remember, for one and all!

Adore Galore

Lastly, but most importantly we’re sure your dog would ADORE being pampered and spoiled with love on her birthday. Hug her, hold her, kiss her – why not just be with her on her day? A dog’s birthday is a milestone that’s arguably even more important than a human’s. Why do we say that? Well, because there’s a lot more life in a dog’s day than a human’s, isn’t it? Dogs are precious, living gifts of joy that aren’t going to be there forever. Which is why showering our love on them, treating them fairly and responsibly and counting our blessings is so important, birthday or not.

Tell us in the comments below how do you like to celebrate your pooch's special day?


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