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Happy Howlidays! Best dog movies to enjoy this season

by Friends of LANA on December 15, 2019

Written by Disha Ramanan 

It’s the best time of year again! Now that we’re in the middle of December, we hope you’re officially in the howliday spirit. In case you aren’t yet, we’ve thought of the purrfect plan. All you need for this is a comfy couch, a warm blanket, a steaming hot cup of cocoa/chai and yup, you guessed it, the goodest boi or girl in your house – the apple of your eye – your doggo, of course!

We’ve curated a list of the BEST dog movies ever. Some are holiday movies, and some are classics, so there’s something for everyone. Go get everything ready, pick one of these movies (or binge on all of them), curl up with your fur baby and unwind from your ruff week. Let’s begin!

A Dog Named Christmas

This is a heart-warming tale of a young man with a learning disability and his love for dogs, in the context of a local shelter running an “Adopt A Dog for Christmas” campaign. For sure, ready to be hit by the Christmas spirit.

The Search for Santa Paws

A chaotic tale of Santa losing his memory, an orphaned girl, and saving a toy shop from getting sold – and who ties it all together? Santa’s dog, of course. You are sure to revel in this magical tale.

The Snowman and the Snowdog

This short film is an exquisite adventure of a boy’s snowman and snowdog coming to life – don’t miss it! The film packs a punch, so if you’re stretched for time, this could be the perfect movie to watch.

Christmas with Tucker

This is a story about the power of a dog in helping heal a grief-stricken boy and his family. It has everything we love about dogs. If you only have time for one feel-good movie this season, this may be it!

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

If you loved the movie Beethoven, you might love this one too! Watch this hilarious instalment of the franchise where everyone’s favourite St. Bernard Beethoven saves Christmas!

The Christmas Shepherd

A tale of Christmas miracles – a dog parent sets off to find her lost dog, and ends up with much more than she ever hoped for.

An All Dog’s Christmas Carol

If you’re one for the classics, you might love this all dog version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. You won’t regret watching this animated adaptation for the holidays.

12 Dogs of Christmas

In a town where dogs are banned, a little girl with no family teams up with a kindred spirit to work together to overturn the evil law. This is a movie for the ages.

Bonus movies – a few classics

Marley & Me

Who hasn’t heard of this one? If you haven’t watched this yet, now is the best time to. Watch naughty Marley teach his human family the lessons of life in this endearing film.

A Dog’s Way Home

This story exemplifies the priceless and pious bond between a human and his or her dog. Watch this cute, comic and heart-warming movie of a human and his dog finding their way back to one another.

Turner & Hooch

One of those rare movies that’s as comedic as it is suspenseful as it is touching! You don’t want to miss this beautiful movie of a reluctant police detective and his intelligent and mischievous dog!


A Dog’s Purpose

A film that transcends beyond lifetimes into what’s real – a dog’s love and loyalty towards its people. Keep your tissue box ready for this one!

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

We would be surprised if you haven’t watched or at least heard of this one. Hope you haven’t gotten rid of the tissue box after the previous one, because you might need a couple for this too. Don’t miss this classic movie based on a true story of how far a dog can go for the love of his or her parent – and in the process, inspiring an entire town and generations to come. Trust us – you can’t miss this!

We know that this list isn’t complete by any means, so if we’ve missed out one of your favourites, leave a comment below! Wishing you and your fur babies many pugs and kisses!


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