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A Love Letter From My Dog - Valentine's Day Special

by Friends of LANA on February 14, 2019
Written by Disha Ramanan
a love letter from your dog, valentine's day
My best friend,
Every single day, I wish I could tell you in your words how much I adore you. Especially today.
But I know you know what I'm trying to say when I show you my soulful, almond brown eyes. I know you can feel it when I curl up against you or by your feet. When I put my paw gently on your lap or on your shoulder.
Sometimes I love making you laugh. I'll do my wobbly little walk while flashing a toothy grin and wagging my tail, or I'll ask for butt scratch after butt scratch, or I'll just muck around in whichever room of the house you're working in - and you'll say I'm goofy and throw your head back, laughing with that look of adoration in your eyes. Oh boy, how I love that feeling.
I like to live from moment to moment. I don't really overthink things and analyse situations. If I see a tiny, furry squirrel scurrying up a tree in the park, you know I'm going to go for it. Why in heaven's name would it matter to me that I've literally never caught one in all these years - not even close - but I'm still going to give it my best shot. Even if I have to jerk your arm off in the process (oops! Promise I don't mean to do that!).
Or those times when I see that one doggo I don't really like - I know you may not always like it when I do it, but I can't help it - I just have to bark at that chump. If I'm feeling particularly feisty that day, I may even do a little lunge. I'm sorry for that one time I made you fall.
And while I'll gladly apologise for that, don't you get any funny ideas that I'm going to repent doing the other kooky things I do. Like when I do my puppy-dog eyes at you while you're having your dinner. Here I am getting that silly old kibble day after day after day after day while you have that delectable, drool-worthy gobsmackingly wonderous human food? Come on, aren't I your best friend? How about sharing is caring and all that?
Well anyway, I'm not going to hold that against you because I know you have my best interests at heart (and because I've sneaked my fair share of what I'm not supposed to have when I think you aren't looking). And while we're talking about food, did I mention how much I love it when you bribe me with my favourite biscuit? You say I'm a good girl and give me that little treat - and that's how I know I've trained you well. 
Juuuust kidding (…or am I?).
I hope you always know that I love you endlessly, my perfect human. I wish I could spend every waking (and every sleeping) moment with you. When you leave the house and don't come back the very next moment, I'll be looking out with my nose pressed up against the window - to see any wee little sign of you coming back. And even though you don't always get back home at the time you tell me you'll be back, I don't care. I'm just happy you're with me again.
Funnily enough, sometimes you've got your nose pressed against some glass too - I think that's the screen of your computer. And when you're doing that, boy are you in a trance. It doesn't matter how many times I paw at you, dance around you, groan or grunt - you hardly notice. I want you to know that's only because I like keeping you in the present moment. I miss having your attention on me. But I know that you have a hundred things swimming around in your mind - and that’s why I stop trying after a while. I'll just go lie down by your feet till you're ready to spend some time with me.
I want you to give me a hug and cuddle, or have a quick game of ball or tug-of-war with me whenever you can. And as long as we have this moment with us, allow me my best friend, to tell you I'm so grateful for you and your love. I hope you know that I trust you unconditionally and that I've never, ever felt let down by you. 
I hope you know that I'm there for you no matter how busy you get or how much else you have going on with your life. Thanks for being my human.
And while I'm not one to dwell in the past or the future, I do know on some level that there's never going to be enough time to spend with the ones you love.
Let's face it - life is short. Let's go for a walk?
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