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Lana Paws applique work mats and blankets for dogs
Lana Paws patchwork dog bed mat
Lana Paws patchwork dog bed mat quilt
Lana Paws dog face cotton travel dog mat and dog blanket
Lanapaws dog quilt handmade
Lana Paws dog mat bed handmade patchwork

Doggylicious Personalised Applique Work Cotton Dog Mat/ Dog Blanket - Large

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Get your dog or cat a perfect gift of love and comfort. Our patchwork and applique work personalised dog mats and dog blankets are well-suited for everyday use and for all seasons. They also fit in a crate to be used as a cover/blanket or soft mat for your pet. 

Personalise the dog mat with your furry friend's name or/and base colour of your choice.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy-care - fully machine-washable
  • Made with cotton with light insulated padding
  • Easily portable and light-weight - take it in the car or lay it on the sofa, bed or chair for them to lay on
  • Can be used by dogs and cats
  • Available in two sizes, custom size is also available
  • Medium Size (30 X 40 inches) - perfect for small to medium-sized breeds or dogs weighing up to 25 kgs
  • Large Size ( 40 X 50 inches) - perfect for medium to large-sized breeds or dogs weighing up to 45 kgs
  • How are they made: hand and machine sewing, patchwork and applique motifs
  • A special, functional and memorable gift for your dog or cat
  • Made to order
  • For queries, email at

These dog mats and dog blankets can help define your pet's own space, especially in new situations such as travelling, picnic or day out with your pet or for a holiday outside the city. 

Our pet mats and blankets also help in protecting your furniture from pawprints and fur.

Lastly, they look beautiful and artistic, perfect to highlight your tasteful home decor!